Hafeez Habibi


Hafeez Habibi received his Bachelor’s Degree from NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi in 1980-81, in the initial days of his career he acquired on job Training with M/s Payette Associates Inc. Boston USA. 

He has worked with Nespak from 1981 to 1993. During his association with Nespak he held various positions in the organization, where he had privilege to manage a number of prestigiousprojects. Hafeez has worked in Boston with M/s Payette Associates Inc. on the design developments of the award – winning project – Armed Forces Medical City. 

A 2000- Bed Hospitalat Rawalpindi. Designs prepared by him were at different levels adjudged and declared as outstanding, and also received due recognition. His design capabilities are highly commended and he specializes in Recreational complexes, Hospitals, Institutionaland MultistoriedBuildings. He was recently responsible for designing a few prestigious projects which received recognition both end local as well as Internationallevels. The Grand Egyptian Museum project was specially recognized and was the only project from Pakistan which received International recognition. He is responsible for design and Management of a number of projects. He specializes in project management and has successfully managed a number of projects. Mr. Habibi also has to his credit a number of projects in which he was Instrumental as leader of the design team while working for M/s NESPAK between (1981- 1992) At present he is a Partner of M/s. Consultants Group since 1993 and is responsible for Design and Management of a number of projects in Pakistan and abroad.