M. Aslam Akhund


Muhammad Aslam Akhund received his Bachelor Degree from NED University of Engineering & Technology in the year 1981 and Master’s Degree in Construction Management with specialization in the field of Building Economics and Management from University College London U.K., in 1990. 

He has vast experience of designing and Project Management in projects of varying in size and nature. 

He has been actively involved in finalizing design feasibility and project management programmed for Lyari Expressway Project in 1995. He was an active member of the projectteam.He has been actively involved in design and Project Management of 150 Km road works project at Gwadar of 50 Km Road works project at Pasni. He was also responsible for construction management of Farm to market road project at Baluchistan Aslam started his professional career with Nespak in 1982 and had been responsible for design and coordination of several reputable projects of varied nature that includes but are not limited to Multistoried Office Buildings, Hospitals and Housing Schemes etc. In the field of Project Construction and Management his achievements had been illustrations while working with Bechtel International as a member of Construction Management Team on Jinnah International Airport at Karachi. Several other projects have been completed under his able guidance and supervision. He specializes in quality controland Management. His association with NESPAK (1982- 1992) has given him the experiences and exposure to work on numerous prestigious project that of the Jinnah Airport Terminal Project at Karachi on which he worked with M/s BECHTEL Ins. USA on deputation(1990-1992) He is a Partner of M/s. Consultants Group since 1992.