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Main Entrance is taken from Northern Bypass Super Highway link Road.

A walled Community to maximize sense of security.
Vehicular access segregated from pedestrian spaces / movements.
A peripheral road provides vehicular access to every apartment block .
The site provides natural provision for planning in levels as the site shows a continuous  gradient from all sides towards the central peak and this aspect has been fully exploited.
Followings its natural topography, the site is divided into levels.230 ft. level, 240 ft., 250 ft. 260 ft. and the peak/ highest point The  270 ft. level.
The 230 ft. to 240 ft. levels , being the natural access road levels are used as hollow plinth levels for parking and services
 The successive levels (the 245 ft. , 250 ft. , 260 ft. and 270 ft. )  not only hold traffic intrusion into upper pedestrian levels but also provide wonderful landscape opportunities for creation of cozy and comfortable spaces  where children of all ages could play safely and elders shall find opportunities of social interaction.

  • Client Name : Pakistan Air Force
  • Location :Karachi Pakistan
  • Type: